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7th Grade




Please note that this page is for the 2024-2025 school year. 

Students entering grade 7 are required to read at least TWO books during the summer. Students may read any books that meet the requirements below. Students will select ONE book to complete the assignment listed below. It will be due Monday, August 12, 2024.




7th Grade Book Requirements

  • A novel that is at least 150 pages
  • Must have chapters
  • Fiction is highly encouraged


Ways to obtain a book over the summer:

  • BOGO Book Fair
  • Visit the Mountain Park or Lilburn Public Library
  • Libby Account through Gwinnett County Public Library
  • ComicsPlus
  • TMS Book Bin (located at main entrance of TMS)




Netflix Pitch

Netflix Logo


You will choose one of the summer reading books you read over the summer and write a “pitch” to Netflix explaining why/how they should turn your book into the next big TV series or movie.

Required elements to complete individually over the summer

  • Write a brief summary/overview of your book, so that the Netflix producers will get a general sense of what it is about.
  • Then, explain whether the show should be a TV series or a movie and why. Don’t forget to include what genre the show/movie would fall under on Netflix.
  • Next, decide what/who the target audience for this show or movie would be (who would ideally watch/enjoy it) and why.
  • Consider what element(s) of the book the producers should keep the same and which they can remove or change in their adaptation of the book into film.
  • Choose three characters from your book and cast them with real life actors. Explain your casting recommendations to the producers and why you think these actors/actresses would help bring the characters to life on the screen.

Please click here for a guide to help you through this process